About Us

Like many of you, we were inspired by our cats. More specifically, our first cat Tiger, who we rescued on a whim after finding her abandoned in the back yard of a family member. One of us grew up with tons of animals, pretty much everything besides cats because of allergic parents, and one of us only ever had birds growing up. Although we had never had cats before and weren't planning on getting a pet, we thought seriously and hard about it and decided to go for it...we fell in love hard and fast.

Tiger was our first fur baby ever, and she changed our lives. We became "cat people" pretty much overnight, and shortly after, launched FatCatBackpack, a Travel Cat company. Since then, we've quickly grown to be the #1 Travel Cat Product brand in the US and beyond. We also adopted a brother for Andie, Missy.

We're so grateful to run a company that's dedicated to nurturing the relationships humans have with their cats, and to be a part of so many families around the world.

- John & Sandra, Co-Founders, FatCatBackpack, A Travel Cat Company

Contact us:

Email: info@fatcatbackpack.com